Transparency Report

Note to self: do reports on the 31st so I don’t make a report on the funny haha day

In case you don’t know why I’m doing this: I recently made a Ko-Fi account and I stated in a previous post that by the end of every quarter I’d post a transprency report on listing where money earned will go.

So far I’ve earned literally nothing from Ko-Fi (great start) and the amount of money spent so far is $7 ($14 by tomorrow), only for paying

There is, however, a silver lining - I recently started doing streaming on Twitch regularly and had enough of a viewerbase to get Affiliate - and that means I was able to get donations.

And from Twitch donations - I was able to get $48.67 in total. There’s a problem, though - you aren’t able to payout until you get $100. Plus, I’d rather not mix Twitch donations with Ko-Fi donations. People would want to donate to Twitch streams to support that stream and others would donate to Ko-Fi accounts to support people’s creative works. Mixing the two would probably not be the best.

Now what? We’re out of options…right? Well…

…apparently I have connections, and I’ve gotten gigs to do programming for people for cash. I can’t reveal anything regarding these (I prefer to have this kind of stuff anonymous)

So, from gigs, I’ve gotten $22. Not bad, and in total, we have $30 left (after tomorrow) - which means we have until August 2nd until money runs out. Plenty of time to get a part time job and earn money for the server!

Still, though, I would really appreciate it if we can get donations. With them, not only would I be able to do cooler projects, but I’d also be able to afford food and housing!

In all seriousness, though, with donations I’d be able to do some really cool stuff - and there’s quite a bit that could be done.

Welp, thank you for reading this stuff. I know reading about apps and services is more boring than actually using them. I am working on everything - just a tad bit more busy than usual due to recent events. See you guys in the next post!