This site does not use cookies, but instead uses local storage to save your theme preference. This cannot be used to identify you and never leaves your device. A partial IP address will be also be saved if you comment, which is done via Isso (the software used to handle comments) and also cannot be used to identify you. Comments can also be deleted if you contact me.

This is all the data stored on this site. If you're paranoid, you can disable JS (or just not use those two components.) You can still change your theme preference via editing your Local Storage and setting theme to one of the following: ["flash","light","dark","amoled","custom"] You can also set custom colors by setting a color code string to one of the following keys:
["custom-bg", "custom-bg-soft", "custom-bg-mute",
"custom-bg-extra", "custom-accent", "custom-text"]

We do not use any kind of privacy-invading software such as Google Analytics or CloudFlare. However, this site uses various third-party open-source libraries, such as Astro, React, Tailwind, Floating UI, and more. These libraries do not have any tracking methods as far as I know, but they may be included in the future, or I may have missed something.

The same goes for any of my other software, not just this site. If applicable, please check if the software you want to use has an individual privacy policy. If not, then this one applies.

If you believe any part of my software is violating your privacy, that be a specific line of code, a library used, or otherwise, please contact me or open an issue on the relevant repository.


I host multiple frontends on my servers, mostly for user privacy. These are all open source and run on the same infrastructure as all my other services, which means that it does not collect any data whatsoever. No Cloudflare.

It should be noted that due to auto updates, if a bad actor were to push a malicious update that started data collection, it may slip through. This is unlikely as all services run on Docker, and thus they'd need access to both the repository and the docker images, but it's still a possibility. This is why I still suggest you use a VPN and/or adblocker when using these.

Unfortunately, I don't have time to review each and every single piece of code before updating, and due to the nature of these frontends, auto updating is the only way to reliably keep them working. Please double check the frontend's source code before using it if you're concerned. (These are always linked on the frontend list.)