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Telly TV - Privacy vs. Convenience

An interesting case study of the choice for user privacy

Announcing the future of our services

Evolving™ Technology© in New™ Ways®

Programming on a Steam Deck

How to do work on a portable game system

The War Against Third-Party

A quick post about the ongoing feud between platforms like Reddit and Twitter and third-party developers.

A critical look and overview of chat apps (Part 1)

...and why is there so many of them?!

AI and the start of the post-work age

SKYNET moment

Privacy - A double edged sword

Discussing the ethics of online privacy

JS, Everywhere and Nowhere, all at once

Discussing the use of JS in every app (and in no apps)

Going into the 2023s...

New Year, new uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Project Revive

A revival of my projects and global rebrand

September 2021 Monthly Update

KAaNE, gg bot, and progress

Regarding DSA Bot and its future

I still don't know what DSA stands for ahHHHHHHHHHHHH

Updates, updates, updates...

Basically 40 paragraphs of me making excuses on why I've been lazy

Transparency Report

Imagine making something serious on funny haha day

The redesign is here!

OwO What's this? (Notices infinitely better website)

New Domain!

Woah, 3 characters less in the URL!

New Discord Server!

Yay, Discord! New Stuff! Actually meeting deadlines and making stuff!

Annual Blog Post

What actually happened during 2020, what's coming for 2021, and why it doesn't seem like I haven't done much of anything for the past year.

Going into the 2020's

A quick look into the future.

??? ??, ???? — Tyler's Dump

All the previous blog posts from my sh!thole.