New Discord Server!

Ayyyy, I met a deadline!

If you don’t remember (or didn’t read the last blog post), I promised a new Discord server to put all my projects in (including this site!) And, well, it’s finally available! You can get to it by clicking on this sentence.

I’m sure just the words “New Discord Server” already stimulates your senses and makes you want to join, but in case you don’t, here’s some random blurbs on why you should join:

Check out projects not yet hosted on here!

This includes stuff like and any upcoming stuff!

Announcements in real time!

With the power of @everyone role pings, you can get up-to-date news on projects!

In-Depth info on projects!

There’s a lot of stuff that couldn’t fit in the 1 paragraph that I needed all the info to be in on this site, but that isn’t the case for Discord!

Chat with other people!

Socialization might be hard, but hey, at least you don’t have to distance yourself like in Real-Life™!

And more stuff, either coming soon or already available!

…Okay, I’m done telemarketing. I should become an advertiser some day… But anyways.

If you want to check the Discord Server, here’s the link again. Even if you aren’t interested, you should at least check it out. I’d rather not get lonely in that server :p

That’s all I have to say for now. All the projects mentioned before have all in some way, shape or form has had work started. So if you’re hyped, join the server, and stayyy tuneeddddd…