Going into the 2023s...

Hey there! Been a while. It’s somehow already New Years and the site’s official 3rd year anniversary.

The site’s still not done, but it’s now a bit more complete. The projects and social page has been created (although it needs a bit more testing) and minor bugfixes have been made.

Obviously, though, I should address the elephant in the room.

elephant from https://www.pexels.com/photo/elephant-calf-133394/

Hi Mr. Elephant!

Okay, but seriously, let’s talk about the lack of updates.

I’m not necessarily being lazy with them - I code every now and then on a bunch of projects.

The latest set I’ve been doing involves Android and Kotlin - Recently, I found out Google has been giving out developer certificates, one of which is for Android. This can be very important, as it not only certifies a dev’s ability to code for a specific platform, but it can help boost a portfolio. So naturally, I’ve been focused on it.

But this definitely doesn’t excuse the lack of updates on this site, and even the weekly news I’ve promised last post. In truth, I’ve not only been pre-occupied, but I’m not exactly the best at writing. When I started making the first post, I realized I didn’t have that much to say on the topic, and overall the quality was pretty poor.

To compensate, I’ll instead be doing this biweekly. I’ll also be switching to a part-time job instead (previously I’ve held a 40 hour shift, and on the 6th, I’ll be switching to 30 hours.)

…but what about the lack of updates in general? Not just on the site, but in all of my projects?

Truthfully speaking, I’m just not able to hold my attention on one project unless I force myself to. Even then, you can never force yourself to work without compromise. Development is like a creative work, especially if you’re building it from the ground up. If you’re not able to use that energy, or it’s just not working out, you will not be able to complete anything.

At the same time, you need to work at some point. And this is the part I’ve truly failed.

Full confession, this post is being written minutes before 12 AM EST. The updates so far have been made in the past few hours (although based on code that I’ve written over a few days that I currently don’t have access to.)

I can’t really explain it. Maybe it’s laziness. Not motivated. Pre-occupied.

But it isn’t really that.

I’ve had the design ideas for Project Revive for maybe a year or two. Mutat.io a few years. Others that I haven’t even announced, more.

Really, this is normal. You’ll have a million ideas and you’ll only be able to do a few of them. But I’ve never been confident enough or haven’t been able to invest so much time into most of them.

Which is why I want this to change.

From now on, all updates for source code will no longer be made locally, as it has been for some time now.

Why? It’s not a big change and it certainly won’t change much over how it is currently, but it’s a start.

And a start is all you really need.

Like a great man once said, it doesn’t matter how you start if eventually it’ll turn out great. All you have to do is keep moving forward.

Happy New Years.

~ ggtyler