Going into the 2020's

It’s a new decade! And with it, a new website. Right now, there’s a ton of stuff planned, and this post is made to showcase everything coming up.



With the release of AE and the continued work on the wiki, other versions have been planned and will likely release within the next year or so.

KAaNE [RE] or KAaNE [Ruby Edition] is an upcoming port of KAaNE onto Ruby and IFTTT, making it usable for modern smart speakers (like Amazon Alexa or Google Home) It’s set to release around Q1 of 2020, along with [AE] v0.6.

KAaNE [mPE] or KAaNE [Micro Python Edition] is a port coming to MicroPython, an implementation of Python 3 made for microcomputers. This port will allow users to run on low powered and lite computers, which includes the Casio FX-CG50. So yes, you can finally run KAaNE on a goddamn calculator.

This version is made for the FX-CG50 due to the screen limits and limited input options, however, it can be run with any system compatible with MicroPython. KAaNE [mPE] is set to release at Q2 2020.

KAaNE [SsE] or KAaNE [Spreadsheet Edition] is (potentially) the last port, made to be compatible with Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. This will also be the only online version of KAaNE (unless I change my mind) This version will release whenever it’s ready (date is TBA)

Of course, once all versions are done, global releases will be pushed out. The next major global release will be 40-50 of the essential modules - Pretty much all of the remaining ones in the “Introduction to Mods” pack, plus a couple more. This update will apply to all ports, excluding the deprecated Python 2 version.

Also, before I move on, I’d like to give a warm thank you to Google for finally getting the tags to work in the published version of KAaNE on the Google Play Store. So now, you can just type “KAaNE” to get the app! Or just type “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes” and just scroll down a bit. (It took them a couple months for them to figure it out…)


Toolbox is an upcoming software suite that will be the first public and open-source library of tools that allows users and developers to add their own applications to the suite. The base package, once it first releases, will include various tools made by me (all of which are TBA), an in-app store (AKA a download area, none of the items will be paid), and a news section. This will be made in the QT Creator (C++), and users can add their own personal apps to the library. Developers interested can put their own tools and applications that, once checked and approved, will be available to download in the in-app store. Its release date is to be determined, but this application will probably be one of my biggest projects to date, so it’s unlikely it’ll release in 2020.

Omni IDE

Omni IDE is planned to be the ultimate developer kit, made to support most if not all programming languages. All other info (including its release date) is TBA.

Contribution and support

As you can see, there is a LOT planned for the future, and I’m only one person. If you’re a developer and you want to contribute, please contact me through my email or any of my social media accounts. If you don’t know how to develop, you can also donate to me directly through Streamlabs (and sooner or later through a Patreon or Kofi account) If you don’t have money, well, you can always try and stick around. That would always keep people motivated, since, hey, there’s still one guy cheering you on.

I hope you all had a good holiday celebration, have a good new years, and have a good time.